The small church of San Bartolomeo was commissioned around the middle of the thirteenth century by Fabrizio Parravicini, a member of the noble family, to commemorate his father; it passed property to his descendants until 1869. The religious building was rebuilt in Romanesque style around 1920.

Fabrizio Parravicini is remembered by sources as the one who had the castle of Parravicino built, which no longer exists, but of which a tower remains.

The oratory of San Bartolomeo is located in the park of Villa Lado, formerly Belgioioso.

It appears on the outside in Romanesque forms, however (as already mentioned) the twentieth-century rebuilding.

The interior consists of a single nave hall on which the semicircular presbytery is grafted.

During the reconstruction, the left wall of the hall, which still exists today, was preserved: in fact, a fragment of a fresco, depicting a Crucifixion, dating back to the fourteenth century, came to light.